At Colton Transport, our focus is providing customers with the best customer service in the business. This means not only being able to provide customers with safe and professional drivers but also with the latest trucks, vans, and trailers to haul their freight. Having access to our extensive fleet means choosing the right vehicle to haul your freight has never been easier. If you are unsure what vehicle will work best for your freight, our friendly staff will be more than happy to help you make the right choice.

Flat Deck Trailers

Flat deck trailers are most commonly used to haul bulk items, heavy items, or large pieces of equipment; however, choosing a flat deck means exposing your freight to the elements. At Colton Transport, we understand that protecting your freight is vital to your business. That is why we would be happy to provide tarps to cover your freight in order to protect it from dirt and moisture.

Step Deck Trailers

Step deck trailers are ideal for moving taller loads, such as oversized machines or loads that require additional height clearance. With its lower deck and open design, the step deck truck allows you to haul taller cargo while keeping the transportation logistics to a minimum. Yet, just like flat deck trucks, step deck trucks leave your freight open to the elements, unless you use tarps as a cover.

Temperature Controlled Trailers

Temperature controlled trailers are perfect for transporting materials, such as food products, that require warmer or colder moving conditions. These trucks can also be used in instances when products, such as water-based adhesives, can be ruined if they freeze. Temperature controlled trucks come in single temperature, multi-temperature, nose-mount, and under-mount models in a wide range of capacities to suit various types of cargo.

Dry Vans Trailers

Dry vans are the most common type of freight transportation because they are designed to haul pallets or boxes of cargo, as well as most types of equipment. Dry vans are most commonly used to haul retail goods because they allow for large quantities of freight to be shipped at once in an organized and convenient manner. In addition to being large and versatile, dry vans also protect cargo from potential damage, theft, and bad weather.

Super-B Trailers/B-Trains

Super-B trailers or B-Trains are a variation of flat deck trucks. Yet, unlike flat deck trucks, Super-B trailers utilize two slightly smaller decks linked by a fifth wheel that combines to have a weight capacity of over 90,000 pounds and span 60 linear feet of deck. One of the strongest advantages to using Super-B trailers is the inherent stability that the configuration offers when compared to most other twin trailer combinations. Super-B trailers can be used to haul many different types of loads including tanks for liquid and dry-bulk.

Double Drop Trailers

Double drop trailers are used for taller, shorter loads that need extra height clearance, such as different types of construction equipment. A specialty model, known as the Removable Goose Neck (RGN), is often used for moves that have a higher degree of complexity and involve more valuable equipment because it makes it easy for machines to be driven up and onto the truck’s deck.